Rodent Control

Rodents cause millions of dollars of damage annually in the United States.  Rodents carry various kinds of diseases and germs you, your family, your tenants, or your customers do not want to come in contact with.  In Connecticut, we experience many kinds of rodents that can invade homes and businesses.  At Connecticut Termite and Pest Control the main rodents we and you should be concerned with are mice and rats.  In Connecticut, the house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat are the most common rodents you will find.  Each rodent is controlled, exterminated, and gotten rid of differently.

It is important to have rodent control done properly or you will not get rid of your rodent problem.  In fact, it may become worse.  The first step is to have an experienced, fully licensed rodent control expert inspect your rodent problem to ascertain what kind of rodent problem you have, how large of a rodent infestation it is, and come up with a successful rodent control solution  At Connecticut Termite and Pest Control that’s what we do.  In fact, we will give you a free rodent inspection and a quote!!!

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