How to Get Rid of Rats

How to Get Rid of Rats in Connecticut?

Rats are some of the nastiest rodents we experience in Connecticut.  They carry various diseases, cause damage to homes and businesses, they chew through electrical wiring – which can cause a fire hazard.  Rats in Connecticut also will chew through dishwasher and washing machine water pipes creating a possible flood in your home or business.  When cornered, rats can become aggressive.  So, how to get rid of rats in Connecticut?  The first thing not to do, if you think you have rats in your home or business, is not to take matters in your own hands by putting poison out for them.  When the rats eat the poison, you need to think where they will die.  I cannot count how many times we went on calls for an awful smell and a fly infestation in walls because a homeowner used rat poison. 

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