The yellow jacket population in Connecticut is growing.  Connecticut Termite and Pest control exterminates yellow jackets.

The yellow jacket population in Connecticut grew tremendously this year due to a warmer than normal winter and a hot summer.  According to Dr. Gale Rich of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.  Dr. Rich said that the warm winter weather allowed yellow jacket queens to survive and reproduce.     

Yellow jackets, including wasps need warmer temperatures to survive.  With fall upon us in Connecticut the temperatures are getting cooler and yellow jackets, wasps, and bees will be looking for food along with a home to overwinter.  In Connecticut yellow jackets like to get up into attics, eves, and window sill trim areas to find warmth.  If you find that you have yellow jacket problems in your home or business Connecticut Termite and Pest Control is experienced at yellow jacket extermination.

Connecticut Termite and Pest Control exterminates yellow jackets

There are four different kinds of yellow jacket species you’ll encounter in Connecticut.  They include:  the common yellow jacket, the German yellow Jacket, the Eastern yellow jack, and the Aerial yellow jacket.

If you don’t have a yellow jacket problem yet here are some things you can do to avoid attracting them:

  • Keep garbage cans covered
  • Keep garbage cans away from doors and windows of your home or business 
  • Keep uneaten food covered in containers
  • Have sugary drinks in cups with lids
  • Eliminate water sources such as dripping outside faucets

Although yellow jackets are beneficial insects and should be left to live in peace, if they are in a dangerous place for you or your family you should have them exterminated.  Yellow jackets cannot be relocated like homey bees. 

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