Rats are so hard to get rid of not only in Connecticut but, just about everywhere you’ll find a rat population because of many factors.  In this article, Connecticut Termite and Pest Control will help to bring light why it’s so hard to get rid of rats.  Of course, if you need professional pest control in Meriden, Wallingford, Cheshire, Southington, or anywhere in Central Connecticut give us a call for a free inspection and estimate.  Connecticut Termite and Pest Control – (203) 935-7357.

Reasons Why Rats are Hard to Get Rid Of

  1. Rats are very skittish, leery, and suspicious of new things in their environment.  This means that most rats may avoid any rat traps you put down trying to catch them.  You may find that you have a huge rat problem in your home or business but, the rats aren’t eating any of the bait in your traps.  This may sound a bit silly but if you put the bait in your rat traps and lay them down without setting the traps for a couple days and then set the traps you will catch more rats.  The rats become accustomed to the traps being there and don’t sense them as a danger.  This is called pre-baiting.
  • Rats are a very intelligent animal.  They are so smart that rats are used in a lot of scientific behavior studies.  If there is an abundance of food in the rat’s environment unlike humans, it will not try out the new food you put down to capture or kill it.  Rats are also very adept at setting traps off and then eating the food in it.  A solution that we at, Connecticut Termite and Pest Control use to catch these smart rats is to use multiple traps together.  The theory is the rat or rats set one trap off, jump, and land in another trap.
  • Rats are larger than mice.  I know this sounds like common sense that rats are larger than mice but, sometimes homeowners or business owners don’t know that they have rats, they think they have mice.  So, instead of putting down bigger rat traps they put down smaller mice traps that have no way of catching a rat.
  • Rats live in colonies.  Sometimes you will catch a couple rats and think your all set only to find in a week or two you didn’t get rid of all the rats.  A usual colony of rats has about five rats in it but, there may be more than one colony on your property.  Its always wise to keep some rat traps out even if you don’t see any rat activity.
  • Rats have a very acute sense of smell.  They can smell food from far away and in the dark.  Rats can also smell us humans.  It is very important to wear rubber or vinyl gloves when baiting and placing rat traps.  This makes it more likely that the rats won’t smell your sent and will get trapped easier.
  • Now here’s the gross part about rats.  Rats are a social animal and they communicate with each other through urine.  They will let other rats know where food sources are and also if there is something dangerous like a rat trap or poison by urinating in the area.  If you have rats around and there is a strong urine smell you are best off to try and clean it up.  Always wear gloves when doing this, rats carry a lot of nasty stuff.

In closing, rats are one of the most difficult rodents to catch, but if you use this information you will have a better chance at getting rid of rats.  As always you could call a professional, local, family owned pest control service like us, Connecticut Termite and Pest Control to get rid of your rat problem in Meriden, Wallingford, Cheshire, Southington, and anywhere in Central Connecticut – (203) 935-7357