The White House has recently been invaded, not by North Korea, but by mice. Although rodent problems have been an ongoing problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is now escalating. White House officials have recently had to put in requests for the exterminator to set more mouse traps in the situation room and the Navy mess hall where the mice can be seen running around rampant.

The White House logs also show problems with ants and cockroaches. The rodent situation is so out of hand that it goes all the way up the ladder to Vice President Pence, who requested extra traps in his office.

The work-order logs were obtained by NBC Washington along with those from the last year of Barack Obama’s administration.

The White House is over 200 years old and hasn’t been renovated in full since the 1950s. Any building that old is susceptible to rodent and pest problems. “They are old buildings,” former GSA Inspector General Brian Miller explained to NBC Washington. “Any of us who have old houses know old houses need a lot of work.” Any building that old needs to be kept up with so unwanted intruders don’t get in. The White House is protected by the secret service but even they can’t stop the mice from getting in.