Mice can squeeze through small holesEven though it’s pretty warm now, colder weather is on the way and with it comes mice.  Mice can squeeze into a hole in your home or business through a hole the size of a dime.  Sounds crazy that mice can fit their way into such a small opening but it’s true.

Here’s some reason why it is so easy for mice to get into tight spots.  For one, mice look bigger than they really are.  If you shaved all the fur of a mouse not only would it look pretty funny, but the mouse would look extremely smaller that it does when it had fur.  Mice are burrowing animals designed to squeeze into tight spots where they can live and breed.  If you’ve ever seen a picture of a hairless cat you can imagine what a hairless mouse would look like and how tiny they can be.

mice are small without hairMice have strong legs made for burrowing and long narrow bodies.  They also don’t have collar bones.  No collar bones on mice is one of the main reasons they can squeeze through small holes.  The size of the mouse’s head is what really limits them to how small of a hole they can get through.  The same would go for us if we didn’t have collar bones.  Imagine all the tight spots you could get into, or out of.

With the cooler weather coming it’s important to seal up any holes coming into your home or business that mice and rodents can squeeze through in order to be more effective in preventing a rodent infestation.