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Two weeks ago we at CT Termite and Pest Control, LLC received a call for pest control in Meriden  from someone who had a problem with their dishwasher.  Although we are not the Maytag repairman we went over for a free rodent inspection.  The reason, a rodent had chewed threw the wiring on the dishwasher making it useless and also a fire hazard. 

Meriden rat mouse chewed through wires

On the way over to her house in Meriden I suspected that the culprit chewing her wires was a rodent, probably a rat.  A rats teeth constantly grow, so they need to gnaw on things to keep them from getting to long.  Rats and rodents, like mice, love to chew on electrical wiring to sharpen and shorten their teeth.  I see this a lot of times in a person’s attic that has a rodent problem at their house.  This chewing on wires by rats, mice, and rodents not only causes failure of your electric power and electrical appliances, it also can cause a fire hazard.  Over half of unsolved house fires in the United States are attributed to rodents chewing electrical wires.

Upon pulling into the driveway I noticed holes on each bottom side of the garage door.  This is the third home I went to in a week for pest control that upon pulling into their driveway they had holes in the garage door sweep.  This is a common area for rats, mice, and rodents to enter into a dwelling.  The rubber seal, also known as the sweep, is not made to last as long as the garage door.  In order for it to keep wind, water, cold, heat, and rodents out the garage door sweep needs to be replaced every five to ten years.

Garage door sweep mouse rat entry

I had about ten or fifteen minutes before the homeowner in Meriden would be home from work and she told me I could do an outside inspection while I was waiting so I did.  Upon walking around the house I noticed many openings in the cinderblock foundation.  She had holes from 1 inch up to 3 inches from old pipes that when taken out no-one bothered to seal.  She also had a dryer vent with no cage.  Rats, mice, rodents, and even squirrels could get into these holes. 

Next I did an inside inspection and although she did have a rat problem in the house, mainly the garage and basement area, it didn’t seem like a major infestation.  We set traps strategically throughout this home in Meriden, put a new garage door sweep on, sealed the holes in the cinder block foundation, and put a new cage on the dryer vent. 

 hole cinder block

The homeowner was very happy with the price, we were less than half of what a national pest control company wanted to charge her.  Imagine they offered her a payment plan, which really is a home loan in order to take care of a rat problem.  It really bothers me when a company takes advantage of people’s fears to make money. 

After two weeks of trapping there were no signs of rats in the home and the homeowner said we did an awesome job.  That’s the best part of our job when we can solve a problem for an affordable price and the client is happy.

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