Rat Extermination In Meriden

Two weeks ago I received a call for rat extermination in Meriden on a Sunday. I was kind of surprised when the lady told me what street she lived on because I had a rat extermination job on the same street a couple of months ago. Both of these houses in Meriden are literally a half mile apart and they are in a good section of Meriden that you wouldn’t picture rats living in.

Mouse, Rat, Rodent, ExterminationAfter doing a free rodent inspection for rat issues, It was pretty easy to determine they had a definite need for rat extermination. Not only did they have rat tunnels throughout their front yard near the steps, they also had rats living in an outside crawlspace, and the rats were also getting in the basement through holes in the stone foundation. The house was build in the 1920’s with a stone foundation where the mortar was crumbling out and the rats were tunneling holes between the stone to get into the house. After talking with this Meriden homeowner about when the rat problem started and how bad it was, we figured out the culprit.


Rat, Droppings

Rat Droppings

They started seeing evidence of a rat problem about a month and a half ago. Coincidentally a house that was for sale got bought about two months ago and was being remodeled. When I saw the side yard I had a good idea where the rat problem was coming from. The new owners had put a dumpster in the side yard to get rid of the trash and work debris that was inside the vacant house. Rats, mice, and other rodents love dumpsters. This dumpster, even though it was mostly full of sheet rock and wood, did have garbage bags oozing with rotten food. This smorgasbord of food is just what these nasty rodents love. Another problem with this dumpster was that the door was open, allowing easy access for the rodents.


Rat Tunnel Meriden

Our first plan of action for solving this rat problem in Meriden was to stop the rats from getting into the house. So I got out my trusty flashlight and did a thorough inspection in the basement. I found numerous holes in the foundation where the rats were getting in and sealed them. I then put down traps in strategic places to catch any rats that might be lurking in the house. When dealing with a rodent problem inside a house or dwelling it’s important to first find any access points, seal them up, and trap before thinking about using any rat, mice, or rodent bait. I do this especially if I am planning on using any kind of rodent bait, because if you don’t you are risking a rodent eating the bait and dying in a wall inside the house. The smell from a dead mouse inside a wall is bad enough, but the smell from a dead rat is about ten times as bad. This smell can last inside a house for over two weeks.

Sealed Rat Hole MeridenOnce the inside of the house was prepared to get rid of the rodents I went outside and searched for all the rat tunnels. I sealed the tunnels up and waited a couple of days to come back. When I came back I was able to figure out which tunnels were active by seeing which ones opened back up. I then put bait in the active tunnels, sealed them back up, and waited a couple of more days. When I came back there was only one active tunnel left. I re-baited that rat tunnel and sealed it back up. I came back in a week and there were no active rat tunnels. I also re-inspected inside the home and there was no further rat or mouse activity inside. Rat problem solved in Meriden.

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