If you see evidence of rats in your home or business you should call a Connecticut professionally licensed pest control company. Rats carry germs and cause damage.

The two most common types of rats are the black rat and the brown rat. Both types of rats are found in all parts of the world, including Connecticut. The rat is generally found in small, dark places where food is available.  Rats are one of the most widely spread and adaptable animals in the world, next to the cockroach.

Rats are small scavenger mammals that find to be a pest in both urban and rural areas where they are normally present due to an abundance of food.

In Connecticut, rats can also carry and spread disease to a disastrous effect.  In the middle ages, the black plague wiped out nearly two thirds of the European population. The disease was not caused by the rats directly, but was literally caused by infected fleas carried on rats. Rats can carry many different pathogens, such as leptospira, toxoplasma gondii and campylobacter.

Rats breed quickly and give birth to large litters of baby rats.  Rats are able to start having babies at around 5 weeks of age and female rats give birth to litters of between 6 and 10 baby rats.  A minor rat problem, in Connecticut, can quickly explode into a large infestation of rats in your home or business.

It takes an experienced, licensed Connecticut pest control company to exterminate and eliminate them.

We will inspect your home or business in Connecticut for free, come up with the most competent, safe way of getting the rats out of your home and then devise a customized solution to keep the rodents from coming back. You’ll have full control of what has access to your home. Guaranteed.

How rat control works:

  • First, we’ll examine your home or business thoroughly, finding every vulnerability from roof to crawl space where the rats are getting in and create a customized plan to secure it against rat entry.
  • Then our specially trained team will execute the plan – patching, sealing and securing your exterior from foundation to chimney, where needed.
  • Our treatment plans also include traditional traps, bait and other tools to ensure that the rats get out of your home or business in Connecticut and stay out.
  • Affordable one time solutions available

You can be confident, if you have these unwanted intruders in your home or business, we’ll get rid of them.

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