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Connecticut Free , Mice, Rat, Rodenmt InspectionWe at Connecticut Termite and Pest Control recently had to do pest control in Meriden for a mouse problem a homeowner was having.  This home owner had a cat that was playing with a mouse in her bedroom.  This was an older widowed lady that was very scared of the mouse and she called us on a Sunday morning.  I understand how a  person can have fears about mice and other rodents, so I got ready and went over to help.

When I got there the lady in Meriden was very happy to see me and looked relieved.  Evidently, her cat had brought up the mouse from her basement and its was now hiding in a radiator in the living room.  I got out my trusty flashlight and looked under the radiator.  Immediately I saw a mouse tail.   I put my gloves on and got a pair of pliers to catch the mouse and pull him gently out of the hiding place by his tail.  For one I don’t grab live mice even with glove, because I don’t want to get bitten.  I use pliers to gently grab them by the tail.  I don’t ever want to hurt any animal, including a mouse and using pliers works well.  After I got the mouse I brought him outside and let him go.  The homeowner only wanted him out and didn’t want it killed.

After that was done it was time for me to do a thorough mouse inspection to find out how the mouse had gotten into this Meriden home.  I kind of already had an idea even before I entered the house.  The driveway was uneven and broken up where the garage door is to sit flush with the pavement.  Usually when mice, rats, and or rodents are getting in through a garage door it is because there is a rip or hole in the garage door sweep, which I replace with a new one.  But, in this case it was more complex, because of the driveway needing to be repaired.  I’m very good at finding and sealing up holes in homes and businesses where mice, rats, and rodents are getting in, but you would never want me to pave your driveway….LOL.

I talked with the homeowner in Meriden on how to come up with a pest control solution on her mouse problem.  She said she had already decided to have the driveway fixed, but not until Spring.  So I decided the best solution to her mouse problem would be to temporally seal the holes under the garage door while also allowing it to work correctly.  If the bottom of a garage door is not done right the sensors make it continually go up and down.

Pest control Meriden After mouse proofing the holes under the garage door I put down traps throughout the home in case there were any other rodents hiding in the walls.  After coming back 4 times with no more mice the mouse problem in Meriden was solved, at least until Spring when she can get her driveway paved.

Two things that I love about my pest control business in Meriden is that I can help people with their problems and I will never forget the look of relief on this ladies face when I showed up on a Sunday within 20 minutes of her calling.

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