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Last week we at CT Termite and Pest Control received a call for pest control in Wallingford about a mouse problem.  After talking with the Wallingford homeowner on the phone I had a good understanding about their concern and offered a free same day rodent inspection, which they quickly took me up on.  For the last couple of weeks they have been noticing mouse poop in their cupboards, drawers, and under the sink.  At one time, about five years ago, they told me they also had a rat problem.  They said the rat problem in Wallingford was taken care of by putting in a new garage door, sealing holes in the foundation, and poisoning the rats.

On the way over I thought to myself that the mouse problem in Wallingford was probably because of the bottom seal on the garage door.  Boy was I wrong!!!  Although mice can enter a home through a hole the size of a dime this hole was much bigger and it wasn’t ground level.  Mice can climb.  All three kinds of mice, the deer mouse, the house mouse, and the white footed mouse, in Connecticut can jump as high as a foot, and climb a little over a foot vertically up walls.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw how and where these clever rodents where getting in home in Wallingford.

Wallingford mouse

Walking around the outside of the house in the back I noticed the dryer vent was completely open.  The dryer vent hole was over 4 inches and a little over a foot off the ground.  Very easily accessible for the mice to get in.  Upon further examination of the dryer vent I noticed a brown oily residue.  This discoloration is caused by the mice or rats climbing through the hole and rubbing their dirty fur on the opening. 

I came up with an affordable solution for this mouse problem in Wallingford.  First I set traps in all the cupboards, drawers, under the sink, and a couple other places that I uncovered rodent activity.  Then I came back the next day, cleaned out the dryer vent, and put a new dryer vent cap on to keep the mice out. 

Dryer vent hole mouse

I’ll give it a week, go back, and check the traps.  Depending on how many mice I caught and how the activity looks I will go from there.  I expect to have this mouse problem in Wallingford rectified within three weeks tops.

Fixed dryer vent