Mouse, Rat, Rodent, ExterminationMice, rats, and rodent activity in your home is caused because they are getting inside from outside somehow. Mice only need the size of a dime to get in. but, in this case of mice extermination in Wallingford we did recently the opening was much larger.
We at Connecticut Termite and Pest Control, LLC received a call about two weeks ago from a Wallingford homeowner who thought they had a mouse problem because they were seeing mouse poop and bags of food chewed in the cabinets. When I arrived for a free rodent inspection I confirmed their fears. They obviously had a mouse problem in Wallingford. The activity was not located to only one area of the home, it was in in multiple rooms and floors.
Mouse Droopings WallingfordI found mouse activity in the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, the cabinets on the walls, in the garage, in the basement, and in the attic. So, now that I knew they had a mouse problem and needed mice extermination in Wallingford the next thing to inspect for was where the mice were getting in.
I started by looking in the basement with the lights off to see if I could find any outside light leaking in through holes where the mice would get in…. there was none. I did an outside inspection around the foundation and it was sealed tight. Next I inspected the garage door and how the sweep seals on the bottom when it is closed. There were no rips or holes in the rubber sweep and the sides of the garage door were tight also. This perplexed me because usually I’m able to find openings where the mice are getting in pretty easily.
The next step was to talk more with the homeowner in Wallingford to see if he was doing anything to let the mice in. I had an aha moment when he told me all summer he left the garage door open because he’s in and out a lot. There you go, the mice didn’t need a hole the size of a dime to get in, they had a 20 foot opening to get in and out all summer and set up house.
Mice Garage doorSo we had a talk about changing that behavior and I set up traps all through out his home. I was going to come back in a week to see how the mouse trapping was going, but he called me the next day. I had to come back because we had already caught 3 mice. I disposed of them and came back in 2 more days. We caught 4 more. I figured I would give it another week and come back but in 4 more days 6 more mice were caught. That’s a total of 15 mice, which is a pretty sizable infestation. No wonder they were seeing evidence of mice.
It’s been a week and no other mice have been caught in this Wallingford home. I will give it another week and if there is no more activity inside I will seal up openings they have under the sink and in some of the cabinets.
The moral of this story is to not leave your garage door open all the time. You’re only asking for unwanted guests, like mice, to come in and make your home their home.

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