How Many Mice Do I Have?

How many mice do I have?

So, your questioning how many mice you have in your home or business?  That could be a tough, complex question to answer, but we at Connecticut Termite and Pest Control will do our best to make it a little simpler and easier for you to figure out if you have a massive mouse infestation or its just one lonely mouse visiting. Connecticut Termite and Pest Control services residential and commercial clients for pest control in Meriden, Wallingford, Cheshire, Southington, or anywhere in Central Connecticut.

What Makes You Think You Have Mice?

First off, what makes you think you have mice?  Are you hearing things scurrying in the walls or ceiling?  Are you seeing mouse poop or droppings?  Or, even worse, have you been confronted by a mouse?  It’s important to know what signs your seeing and or hearing along with what time of the day or night it’s happening.

Beady Eyed Mouse

The importance of seeing or hearing mouse activity during the day or night helps a lot with figuring out if you have one mouse or a mouse infestation in your home or business.  Mice are nocturnal animals, so if your seeing or hearing them at night that is normal for them.  This means they are comfortable in your home and you have a bigger problem than just one mouse.  If you’re seeing or hearing a mouse in the middle of the day that’s a whole different thing.  Don’t get scared if your seeing a mouse during the middle of the day, its not a rabid mouse.  Mice don’t get rabies.  A mouse rooming around during the day is out of his or her environment.  This means most likely the mouse found a way in your home or business for shelter.  It most likely is just one mouse.  This doesn’t mean its ok.  You should try and get rid of the single mouse because if its pregnant your single mouse will become an infestation quite quickly.

Figuring out how many mice you have by the poop or droppings your seeing is a little harder.  The first question to ask yourself is if the droppings are new or old.  Warning!!! This next step is gross.  Put on some rubber gloves, pick up some of the mouse droppings, now rub it between your fingers.  If it turns into dust its old, if not its newer.  If your finding mouse droppings in multiple areas of your house or business, it’s a pretty good indication that you more than one mouse.

Of course, if you have or think you have a mouse problem you can always call us, Connecticut Termite and Pest Control, for a free inspection – (203) 935-7357.