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The climate can have a significant impact on mouse, rat, and rodent populations in Connecticut, as in any other parts of the country.  Understanding how climate affects these disease carrying rodents can help us better understand how to prepare, exterminate and eliminate them more fully.

Connecticut Mouse PopulationMice, rat, and rodent population outbreaks in the fall, where they seem to be coming from everywhere is not a chance of fate.  Rodents, in Connecticut, have bigger populations because of our beautiful seasonal changes.  If we have a comparatively mild winter it helps the mice to thrive.  Because of mice having a small body size and a high metabolism the colder they get the less chance of survival.  If its warmer in the winter more mice survive to populate in the spring and summer.  With a mild winter more food will be available in the Spring for mice, rats, and rodents to eat, thus strengthening the population.  With warm, muggy Connecticut weather in the Summer the mice populate like bunny rabbits.

By the time Fall comes around there is a good size population of these rodents outside starting to get cold.  So what do you think they do? Of course they look for nice cozy homes and businesses to enter and live out the winter in.  This is why we must prepare now for an infestation this Fall of mice, rats, and rodents. Last years (2017-2018) winter temperature was above average, this spring we also had warmer than expected weather,  This Summer we are having higher averages of rainfall than we did last Summer, and as soon as the cool fall weather hits the rodents are looking for a new home.

Baby mice in Connecticut Once mice, rats, and rodents are in your home or business the population can explode quite rapidly.  A female mouse gives birth 19-21 days after impregnation.  She has litters, om average, of 6-8 mice every pregnancy and can give birth 5-10 times a year.  Think about that for a minute.  One breeding female mouse in your house can give birth of up to 80 mice a year.  That’s a lot of mice!!!  Weather plays an important role because for each additional female mouse there is a potential for up to 80 being born in a year.

With the weather we had and are having this year it is important to be prepared for an escalation in mouse populations throughout Connecticut.  When the cooler weather hits be ready to start seeing these nasty critters in your home or business.  Seal up any holes up to the size of a dime that you can see, hire a Connecticut licensed rodent control expert, and keep a look out for the first signs of rodent activity in your dwelling.


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