Dead Connecticut MouseI recently had the opportunity to help a homeowner in Wallingford Connecticut get rid of their mouse infestation that was coming through their basement door, also known as a Bilco door.   These people had just bought this home in Wallingford that was vacant for a while.  It had a mouse problem that was thought to be minor until I started catching the rodents all over the place.  The homeowner had put mouse poison down to try and get rid of them.  At Connecticut Termite and Pest Control our first option when getting rid of a mouse problem is not poison.  Don’t get me wrong, rodent poison has it’s advantages and sometimes is the only option to turn to in getting rid of mice and rats.

We’ve been in the pest control industry for over ten years and in my experience the only way to get rid of a mouse problem in Connecticut is to find out where they are getting in and seal the hole or holes.  Mice can get through an opening the size of a dime and it takes an experienced rodent control expert with knowledge of these rodents habits to search and seal where they are getting in.

Connecticut Mouse Entry HoleIn my experience their are three main areas mice, rats, and rodents get in.  The first obvious place is the garage door sweep.  A basement door or Bilco door is the next place I look to see if a mouse is getting in.  Then I check the outside of the home or business to see if any pipes, electrical, or AC intakes have gapes where the rodents are getting in.

Our plan at Connecticut Rodent Extermination starts off with an inspection where the mouse, rat, and rodent activity is located.  Sometimes just because the activity is located in one place doesn’s mean that’s where the little buggers are getting in.   We place traps strategically at the site of activity and anywhere we think they are getting in, then we wait.  When we come back we gain a better understanding of how to get rid of the rodent problem by where we are catching them.

In this instance of the homeowners mouse problem in Wallingford, Connecticut I was catching the majority of mice by the basement door or Bilco door.  I caught seven mice on my first callback.  This is one of the places that I thought they were getting in because there was a quarter size hole in the basement door.  I plugged up the opening, removed the dead mice, and set new traps.  I will be returning to this house in one month to see how well this worked and keep you updated.  In my experience I should have a lot less mice in the traps.  I might even not have any.  That would be the solution we were looking for.

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