Connecticut bobcats and miceI live in Connecticut and yesterday my neighbor came up to me to tell me she saw a bobcat slink out from under my back deck and go towards our back yard. I thought maybe she was mistaken or crazy…. what would a wild animal like a bobcat be doing so close to our house. At first I was in disbelief because when I think about what a bobcat is I think it is a big cat like a mountain lion or a cougar. We have small children and I was worried about their safety. Evidently bobcats, in Connecticut, are about 2 feet long and a foot and a half tall. They are about twice the size of a common house cat. Their main food source is mice, rats, and rodents, like rabbits. They usually don’t prey on small children, unless provoked.

Connecticut bobcat denSo, after researching bobcats I got my courage on, with the help of my wife, to try and find out where near my house it lives. We looked under the deck and noticed there were old concrete steps with a big hole going underneath them. I didn’t get to close but I think this is where the bobcat lives.

So my next question is if bobcats eat mice how come we have so many in our house. We started noticing mouse poop about a week ago on our counter and under our microwave. If this bobcat is living so close to our home shouldn’t he or she be taking care of our mouse problem? Then I thought about it. The bobcat probably is eating the outside mice but the mice that are inside our house have already made it their home.

Connecticut Mice Extermination I had two decisions to make. Either we invite the bobcat into our house and make it a pet or I put up strategically placed mouse traps and seal up the areas I think they are getting in. So of course I went to the grocery store and bought some cans of Friskies to entice the bobcat inside and make it our new pet. Just kidding…my wife would kill me.

I put down some mouse traps with peanut butter. They love peanut butter. Within two days we caught five mice. My next project is to inspect for where the mice are getting in and sealing up the holes. As for the bobcat, we’ll distance ourselves from it and let the bobcat remain a wild animal.

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