Mice, rat, and rodent extermination in Connecticut. I recently had to go to a pest control job for a blow fly infestation problem in Meriden Connecticut.  I received a call from a distraught business owner who stated they had an enormous amount of flies in their business.  This was not a restaurant, it was in a professional building.  They had already called a couple of pest control companies and were told not to worry about it, that the flies would disappear in a couple days.  For one I can’t imagine ever telling someone I am supposed to help to not worry that their problem will disappear in a couple days, also I don’t know how you can properly assess a situation like this not in person but over the phone.

Having over ten years of experience in the pest control industry I know that a swarm of flies don’t just pop out of thin air.  There usually is a good reason why a fly infestation will manifest itself.  Usually flies will appear because of garbage not being covered, but sometimes they appear because there is a dead body.

Fly InfestationI was quite amazed when I showed up to this professional building in Meriden Connecticut.  As I walked down the stairs into the basement area it looked like a scene from the Amityville Horror movie.  I immediately understood why the business owner was so distraught.

After doing some investigation work on what was causing this fly infestation in Meriden I figured out that they had dead bodies in the walls.  No they weren’t human bodies, they were mouse bodies.  After looking around I noticed that someone had also put rodent poison all over the basement.  I didn’t see a single mouse trap anywhere.  Hopefully it was not a professional pest control company in the Meriden area that did this.

When someone has a mouse, rat, or rodent problem the first thing to not do is throw rodent poison all over the place.  For one its hazardous and might hurt someone or someone’s pet.  Also when using rodent poison you should first try to trap and seal any holes where they’re getting in.  When the mice, rats, or rodents eat this poison they usually die in the walls of your building.  If you have a lot of mice dying in your walls your going to not only have an awful smell for about a week your also going to have blow flies.

Dead Mouse Wall SmellWe fixed the fly problem that was really a mouse problem by setting up mouse traps and sealing off the openings where they were getting in.  In conclusion yes a fly problem may disappear in a week or so, but it is best to take care of the issue that is causing this so the flies don’t come back.

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