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We at Connecticut Termite and Pest Control received a call about two weeks ago for pest control in Meriden from a homeowner hearing loud scurrying noises in their attic.  They were sure it was squirrels, I had an idea it was a different kind of rodent.  So we showed up at this house in Meriden to give a free rodent inspection.  

Garage door sweep in Meriden a mouse gnawed on.
Damaged Garage Door Sweep

Upon walking up to the front door, as usual, I looked at the garage door and noticed the garage door sweep had gnaw holes in it.  A garage door sweep is the bottom rubber striping.  The garage door sweep serves a couple purposes.  The first is to keep cold and hot air out of the garage and it also helps to keep mice, rats, and rodents from getting into your home.  A garage door sweep with gnaw holes can only mean one thing, some sort of rodent has made this hole and is entering your home.

After greeting the Meriden homeowner to inspect for what kind of pest control she needed, I made my way to the attic.  All the while she was telling me how loud the squirrel noises were coming from the attic.  As I peered my head up into the attic I noticed little round tunnel holes all throughout the insulation.  These holes were about the size of a dime and indicated to me it was mice and not squirrels in her attic.  Upon further inspection of the attic I identified mouse droppings, nowhere in sight did I see any squirrel activity or droppings. 

I then inspected the basement and also noticed some mouse activity in the signs of droppings.  After inspecting the living areas I lastly moved onto the garage.  The homeowner turned the lights on in the garage and I politely asked her to turn the lights off.  It’s a lot easier to see with no light on the inside if there is any light leaking in from the garage door indicating mouse holes.  As I thought earlier the main entry point for the mice was under the garage door through the damaged sweep.

So we sat down at her kitchen table and I let her know that it wasn’t squirrels in her attic, it was mice.  Attics and the voids in walls echo making it sound like a mouse is a bigger animal than it really is.  Most times when people think they have squirrels or a larger animal in their walls or attic I have found it to be mice, except for that one time I came across a Chupacabra, but that’s another story—-LOL.

I ended up putting traps in the attic, garage, and planned on replacing the garage door sweep after the mouse activity had died down.  I don’t usually seal or do any kind of rodent exclusion until I have caught and gotten rid of the majority of the mouse, rat, or rodent population from the dwelling.  If I have a good idea where the mice are getting in I focus trapping there.

installing garage door sweep

I came back in a week and caught 5 mice, two in the attic and of course 3 in the garage right next to the holes in  the garage door sweep.  The next week I caught 2 mice in the attic but none in the garage.  We replaced the garage door sweep a week ago and so far no more mice.  I will continue to monitor the traps throughout the year just in case, but it looks to me as another mouse problem solved by Connecticut Termite and Pest Control in Meriden.

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