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How Small A Hole Can Mice Squeeze In?

by jonathan
If you think you have a mouse or rat problem, Connecticut Termite and Pest Control can eliminate it. We have over 13 years of experience in the pest control industry.

Even though it’s pretty warm now, colder weather is on the way and with it comes mice.  Mice can squeeze into a hole in your home or business through a hole the size of a dime.  Sounds crazy that mice can fit their way into such a small opening but it’s true. Here’s some reason […]

Connecticut Mouse Population

by jonathan
Connectifut Mice

Connecticut Mouse Population Connecticut Rodent Extermination (203) 935-7357 is a division of Connecticut Termite and Pest Control, LLC.  We have over 10 years of experience in the pest control industry.  Our service technicians are fully Connecticut licensed to treat, exclude, and exterminate mice, rats, and rodents in homes and businesses.  We serve Meriden, Wallingford, Cheshire, […]

Connecticut Rodent Exclusion

by jonathan
Connecticut Rodent Exclusion and Extermination.

Connecticut Rodent Exclusion Connecticut rodent exclusion is needed if you own a home or business that is having problems with these pesky unhealthy animals.  Rodents, like mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks have been a frequent problem in homes, businesses, and anywhere people may reside for many years, especially in Connecticut.  Why you may ask do […]

Bobcats And Mice

by jonathan
Connecticut bobcats and mice

I live in Connecticut and yesterday my neighbor came up to me to tell me she saw a bobcat slink out from under my back deck and go towards our back yard. I thought maybe she was mistaken or crazy…. what would a wild animal like a bobcat be doing so close to our house. […]

Buying A Mouse House

by jonathan
Rodents in attic insulation

So you’re considering buying a house. You’ve done your research, have your down payment, been pre-approved for your mortgage loan, have a real estate agent, and have the perfect home picked out. You’ve had your future home inspected for things that need fixing and any signs of structural damage, such as, termite activity. But, have […]

Children and Rat Poison

by jonathan
Children and rat poison

Using rodent, rat or mouse poison in your home is a very serious matter to consider, especially if you have children or pets. Each year over 10,000 kids are poisoned by rodenticides. Rodenticides, commonly known as rat or mouse poison, is meant to kill rodents. Some work with one dose while others take multiple doses […]

Kill Rats With Dry Ice

by jonathan
Kill rats with dry ice

Many cities are turning to dry ice to help eliminate rat and rodent problems. If you live in Connecticut, you’d think that this cold winter weather would have killed the rats off in their tunnels by the time Spring comes along, but you’d be wrong. It’s not the cold in dry ice that kills the […]

Connecticut Blizzard Mice

by jonathan
Connecticut Blizzard Mice

With the “cyclone bomb” of a blizzard that hit Connecticut and New England this week bringing significant snowfall and extremely cold weather it will drive mice and other animals into homes and businesses.