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Connecticut Mouse and Rat Information

by jonathan
Mouse Rat Difference

  Connecticut Mouse and Rat Information Mice, rats, and rodents are thought of as the most bothersome, problematic, and costly pests in Connecticut. Rodents, such as, mice and rats infect food surfaces and attic insulation with their feces and urine. Their chewing causes damage to electrical wiring, causing issues that may start a fire. They […]

Mice Extermination in Wallingford

by jonathan
Mice Garage door

Mice, rats, and rodent activity in your home is caused because they are getting inside from outside somehow. Mice only need the size of a dime to get in. but, in this case of mice extermination in Wallingford we did recently the opening was much larger. We at Connecticut Termite and Pest Control, LLC received […]

Rat Extermination In Meriden

by jonathan
Meriden, Rat, Extermination

Rat Extermination In Meriden Two weeks ago I received a call for rat extermination in Meriden on a Sunday. I was kind of surprised when the lady told me what street she lived on because I had a rat extermination job on the same street a couple of months ago. Both of these houses in […]